Al Fozan Uniglass

Al Fozan Uniglass

Laminated, Insulated Glass


Glass lamination is the process of permanently adhering two, or more, glass panes using an intermediate resin layer to produce a single, inseparable structure. Laminated glass is considered safety glazing as it provides the best protection against injury since the glass pieces “stick” to the resin layer upon breakage; preventing penetration.

Incorporated into an insulated glass unit, Uniglass laminated, insulated glass unit provides the solar and thermal controlling properties of an insulating unit along with the safety features of the laminated inboard component. This allows the flexibility to design with hundreds of combinations of tinted glass, high-performance coatings, silk-screen patterns and pigmented interlayers.

In addition, and depending upon the combination of the laminated pane, the following functions can also be added to the main function of an IGU:

1. Providing superior safety and security against: -  Basic attacks

- vandalism and forced entry,

- blast resistance

-  And bullet resistance

2.  UV elimination (up to 99%).

3. Improved sound reduction.

4. Increase overall performance against wind and structural loads

5. Finally, the laminated component is designed to remain integral in the opening should glass damage occur. For this reason,  insulating laminated glass is also utilized for skylights and other overhead glazing applications.

A typical insulating laminated glass configuration is 31.52mm thick overall constructed as follows