Al Fozan Uniglass

Al Fozan Uniglass

Glass Lamination Warranty


Uniglass Laminated Glass Units carry a five-year warranty from the date of manufacture against defects resulting in edge separation or material obstruction of vision through the glass surface.


If any of the following events occur, Uniglass will have no liability under this Warranty:

  • If the glass surfaces or panes are broken or fractured.
  • If the edges of laminated glass units are exposed to water or moisture at any stage prior to installation.
  • If corrosive liquids or chemicals are used in cleaning or bonding the glass.
  • If the laminated glass units damaged by incompatible glazing sealants.
  • Or if the glass is treated in any manner that would violate the norms and regulations stated in UniGlass’s Glass Handling Manual.

Liability under this Laminated Glass Warranty for laminated glass is limited to replacing laminated glass units without charges F.O.B. to the nearest shipping point to the place of installation. This warranty does not cover labor costs. This warranty does not apply to replacement of laminated glass units beyond the warranty period applying to the original Laminated Glass.

Liability under this Laminated Glass Warranty for laminated glass with coating against the laminate is subject to the coated-glass manufacturer’s approval of the coating requested for lamination applications and processing guidelines.

Except for the express warranty describe above, there are no other expressed or implied warranties. There are no warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose concerning the Laminated Glass, or any part or component. No contract shall be indicated by the operation of law or otherwise.

There are no other warranties that extend beyond the description given by this warranty. This warranty is provided to and is only for the direct customer. Proof of original purchase will be required and provided to Uniglass before any resolution or services are rendered.

Our warranty is pro-rated and only covers the glass and not the labor to install it.