Al Fozan Uniglass

Al Fozan Uniglass


All glass surfaces will stain if stored in wet, humid or corrosive conditions beyond a certain period of time. The stain will appear as an iridescent “milky white” coating on the surface of the glass or as a black spots or smudges on the coated surface.

To minimize the possibility of deterioration, UNIGLASS recommends the following:

  • Glass (single, laminated or IGU) must be stored in a dry, well-ventilated location in its original sealed packaging.
  • Glass must be protected from rain, direct sunlight, atmospheric dust, water and other hostile elements.
  • Glass must be protected from wide changes in temperature and humidity.
  • In case of condensation between the glass panes, they should be washed and dried immediately prior to final storage.
  • Delamination in a laminated glass can occur because of prolonged contact with water.


To indicate the presence of glass in hazardous locations, UNIGLASS recommends placing warning signs or notices. The practice of writing warnings directly on the glass surface, coated or non- coated, with materials such as lime chalk, soap, marking pen, etc. is absolutely prohibited.

After installation, the glass must be protected at all times against chemical or mechanical attack for the full duration of the building works, as well as against risks of soiling during subsequent works (weld spatter, sand blasting, fire proofing, concrete spatter, paint and other potentially damaging construction-related practices). Such precautions will prevent scratches and liquid or solid collection on the glass and (more importantly) on the coating, if exposed.