Al Fozan Uniglass

Al Fozan Uniglass

Advantage & Benefits

Wide range:

By combining Low-E coatings, tinted glass, reflective coatings, silk screened patterns, laminated glass products and more, a wide variety of insulating glass configurations are available.

Big Size:

Uniglass I.G. Units now comes for a size of 5mx 2.7m. Big size units enable you to see un obstructive view of the surroundings.

Product as per specification:

Uniglass I.G. units can be produced to meet GCC energy codes, sound control,seismic, impact resistance, bullet resistance, hurricane and blast resistant requirements.

Improved Thermal Performance:

With the installation of automatic Argon Gas filling line, getting 0.95 U Value in Uniglass IGU units is a possibility. Just use Double Silver high performance glass with our 20mm spacer and we can deliver a U value of 0.95 w/ m2K(summer).IGU Units are further designed to reduce heat loss and solar heat gain entering the building with a minimal reduction of visible light transmittance.

Improved Acoustic Performance:

Unwanted sound is noise and noise makes its easiest entry into a building through glass. Uniglass I.G. units incorporating a laminated glass panel along with a greater air space provide an effective method of reducing the transmission of noise through glass and provide a quieter and peaceful environment. This makes it ideal for airports, hotels, offices, and any building near airports, highways, train lines or main roads.

Improved solar performance:

Insulating glass offers a greater availability of coatings. Low-E coatings which cannot be exposed, and therefore cannot be used with monolithic glass, can be used inside the insulating unit where they are protected by the hermetically sealed space.

More aesthetic possibilities than monolithic glass:

The Low-E coating and silk-screen pattern, if desired, are applied to the exterior ply of glass leaving the interior ply available for additional treatment. For a spandrel location, a full coverage opaque ceramic frit can be applied to the inner face (surface #4). For vision areas where daylight is desired but view through needs to be minimized, a translucent ceramic frit can be applied to the surface facing the airspace (surface #3)

Reduced Fading:

Glass blocks all UV radiation below 300 nm, but transmits UV from 300 - 380nm. The remaining visible light that is transmitted can still cause serious fading in some materials. Using Uniglass I.G. units with a combination of Low-E coated glass and laminated glass will reduce the UV transmitted by up to 99 percent and thereby reduce fading for many modern interior furnishings.

Increased Reliability:

Structural integrity of the unit is extremely important and dependent upon the type of spacer used. Uniglass machine bent spacers are structurally stronger than other options available in the market; for example, the use of corner keys reduces structural strength of I.G. units and increases the likelihood of manual errors. Uniglass bent spacers improve product life because they have fewer joints and correspondingly lower probability of failure.

POPULAR OPTION Reflective with laminated

Low–E glass

Application - The best combination of available glasses and technology brought to you by Uniglass to provide maximum reduction in heat transfer, fading protection, acoustics dampening, security and overall energy efficiency. The finest solution for all seasons by minimizing heat loss and heat gain.

High Performance I.G. Unit

Application – Unbeatable performance when good energy efficiency is required along with high visible light transmittance.

Reflective with clear

Application – Good value for money in hot climates, especially suitable for climate in Gulf countries. Specially selected reflective glasses take care of all the solar heat gain and our dependable I.G. units take care of the ambient heat transfer allowing you to maintain a comfortable environment all day long.