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Al Fozan Uniglass


Heat Treated


Heat treated glass is glass that has been processed through a tempering oven to increase its strength to resist impact, mechanical loads and thermal stress breakage. There are two distinct heat-treated glass products, heat strengthened(HS) and fully tempered(FT). Both are offered by Uniglass depending on the thermal, dynamic and static load conditions relevant to the application. All heat treated glass is produced strictly in conformance to American Standard ASTM C 1048 / 04. Uniglass employs the very latest technology for the production of tempered flat glass.

Our new machine FC 500 is specially designed to respond to the latest requirements of Low E Glass to offer negligible distortion and minimal glass iridescence. in our furnace superior glass quality is ensured with accurate heating control. Our furnace is capable of processing all types of glass from clear and tinted float to triple Low E and reflective solar control glass.

Fully Toughened Glass

Uniglass fully toughened glass, is approximately five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. In the event of breakage, the panel will fracture into relatively small harmless particles.It has greater resistance to thermal stress compared to annealed glass (can be subjected to temperatures up to 290°C).It is designated as a Safety glass as per the standards and can be used for frameless glass façades and frameless glass doors etc.

Heat-strengthened glass

Uniglass heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of similar thickness and configuration.Typically breaks into large pieces designed to remain in the frame. It is intended for general glazing where additional strength and/or resistance to mechanical and/or thermal stress is desired compared to annealed glass. Heat-strengthened glass is NOT a safety-glazing product and therefore should not be used where safety glazing is required.