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Al Fozan Uniglass


Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is a sandwich of two sheets of glass with a special plastic interlayer like poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) in between. Depending upon the lamination process, laminated glass provides the best protection against injury as the glass pieces “stick” to the PVB upon breakage.

Uniglass laminated glass is available in a wide combination of glass types, thicknesses, solar-control coatings and PVB interlayer to meet the most complex design requirements at various performance levels.

Uniglass laminated glass offers superior safety and security against attacks, forced entry, storm resistance as well as providing excellent sound insulation, and a mechanism to combine various glasses for solar and heat protection.

Laminated glass also offers a greater availability of coatings than monolithic glass. Low-E coatings which cannot be exposed, and therefore cannot be used with monolithic glass, can be used inside a laminated unit where they are protected.

Laminated glass units also have more aesthetic possibilities than monolithic glass. The interlayers used in laminated glass are available in a variety of colors and opacities. In addition, the Low-E coating and silk-screen pattern, if desired, are applied to the exterior ply of glass leaving the interior ply available for additional treatment. For a spandrel location, a full coverage opaque ceramic frit can be applied to the inner face (surface #4). For vision areas where daylight is desired but view through needs to be minimized, a translucent ceramic frit can be applied to the surface facing the airspace (surface #3)

Available Configurations

Uniglass's laminated glass is available in various forms for commercial glazing applications. To provide a wide array of design options, as well as meet various performance levels, Uniglass's laminated glass can feature tinted glass, high-performance coatings, silk-screened patterns and pigmented interlayers together or alone.


Laminated Insulating

Double Laminated Insulating


When specifying laminated glass, it is important to select and clearly outline the configuration as well as each individual component of the insulating glass unit.

In addition, Uniglass offers many items to enhance the appearance and performance of laminated glass units.





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